Cradle of Mangement Institute (CMI) is an ISO 2000: 9001 certified hotel management institute. CMI is situated at the capital of India, New Delhi, is one of the premier hospitality institute in the country. The institute is a dedicated educational foundation for grooming the aspirant youths into their chosen profession.
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Cradle of management educational society (CMES) was founded to meet the increasing demands in the Hospitality education sector. Registered under S.R. Act of XXI of 1860 with the Govt. of Delhi as a non-profit organisation, CMES has been striving to provide opportunities to aspiring students for Hospitality Management education by introducing various hospitality courses. To achieve success in a management career, the first mandatory step is to arm oneself with a professional degree. CMES has been helping students to realise their dreams of becoming successful managers through imparting Hospitality Education at par with international standards.

CMES has proven track record of excellent performance made through result oriented strategies and meticulous executions. The vision of CMES is to generate awareness among people about the importance of hospitality education in the knowledge driven world and groom dynamic hospitality management professionals who can contribute not only to the growth of their organisations, but to the development of the society as well.

Cradle of Management Institute (CMI)

Cradle of Management Institute (CMI) is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Hospitality Management Institute situated at New Delhi, the capital of India. The Institute is a dedicated educational foundation for grooming the aspirant youths into leaders in their chosen professions.

The phenomenal success of the institute within these years reflects the commitment we have towards our students. CMI is committed to offer the very best to each student; each student gets individual attention and we promise to apply our best available resources to make their education at CMI a rewarding and happy experience. We are highly committed to give our students the finest education and good prospects of a high-flying career.

Cradle ITC

Cradle ITC, run by Cradle of Management Educational Society, offers vocational training courses approved by NCVT, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India. Vocational training courses are practical oriented courses to help young and enthusiastic aspirants familiarise with the real world of work. Apart from churning out young and vibrant professionals equipped with amazing work skills.

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