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Paramedical Institute in Delhi

Paramedical Infrastructure

Pathology Lab

CMI has a well equipped pathology lab which provides numerous opportunities for our students to become involved in cutting edge research. Professional equipments like incubator, analytical balance, light microscope, low speed refrigerated centrifuge, Freezer, pH meter etc are available. With the help of these equipments, the students can learn the use, functioning and care of these equipments.

Microbiology Lab

Our microbiology lab is well equipped with modern microscopes and equipments designed to grow, identify and enumerate microbes. This helps in providing practical exposure to students in the field of microbiology. During the practical sessions in this lab, the students are able to practice microbiology before facing the challenges in the health care industry.

Emergency Services Lab

CMI’s emergency services lab is designed to provide emergency care for the sick and injured. With the kind of exposure in emergency service lab, the students get practical experience in handling emergency cases. This will be helpful for students in their future while working in Emergency/ Trauma centres and emergency vehicles like ambulance etc.

Ward Room

CMI has well equipped ward room to give demonstration to the student. In this well designed ward room the students can learn procedures of medical care, functioning and knowledge of various equipments. The students can also practice medical assistance and supervision of patients while present in the wardroom. Presence of a mock wardroom enables students to visualize the actual wardroom present in the hospital where patients are attended.

Anatomy Lab

Students can learn about the study and research of the human bodily structure with the help of human torso and disarticulated bones. This gives an exposure to students in the field of anatomy. This will help in applying knowledge in the study of X-ray reports and other bones related problems in the patient.

Radiology Lab

CMI has a well developed radiology lab which has X ray machine and other related equipments. In this lab the student can participate imaging techniques by using the X-ray film and then the images are processed. This lab allows students to gain knowledge and practical experience which will help them in future while working in Radiology department in the healthcare sector. This practical experience can be useful for students in Medical Resonance Imaging and X-ray etc.

Biochemistry Lab

CMI’s well developed Biochemistry lab provides facility to students where students can perform tasks related to the study of Bio chemistry. With the help of this lab, the students get to examine various chemical process found in organism. This enables students to gain practical knowledge in the field of bio chemistry. Students work in this lab while working on various projects in the institute. Materials from variety of sources are studied in the bio chemistry labs in the medical field.

Operation Theatre

At CMI students get hands on experience in the Operation Theatre with the help of modern technology and equipments present in the institute. With the help of this lab the students gain knowledge which is required for an operation theatre technician who are responsible for setting up, checking and adjusting the operating room, supplies, arranging instruments. Operation Theatre technician assist in the preparation of Operation Theatre before surgery.