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medical lab technology courses in delhi

Medical Lab Technology Course in Delhi

Recognised Para Medical Institute of National Skill Development Corporation Govt of India (Healthcare Sector Skill Council)

Medical Laboratory Technology Course in Delhi

Joining as an MBBS student is not the only way to enter the medical field. With the increase in Medical facilities, Diagnostic centres, Polyclinics, Hospitals Lab and Clinics, there is an increasing need for various paramedical experts, nurses and Pharmacists technicians.

Paramedical experts play an important role in helping the doctor make an accurate diagnosis for treatment and care of Patients. Often the role of paramedics is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Paramedics include X-ray technologists, dieticians, food service workers, medical laboratory technicians, dental mechanics, emergency medical service technicians, safety engineers, pharmacists, sanitary engineers, optometrists, micro biologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, radiographers, speech therapists and prosthetic and orthotic engineers.

Job Opportunities:-

Medical Technologists have a lot of choices of practice settings Hospitals, Clinics, Public Health facilities and Industries, Independent Laboratories, all currently have positions open for qualified Medical Technologists. Additional opportunities are available in Molecular Diagnostics Companies and In-Vitro Fertilization Laboratories as well in Research Labs.