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Career in Radiology

Radiology is emerging as one of the major industries and is one of the fascinating medical courses that make the use of images to identify and treat diseases available in the body and there are various Paramedical Colleges in Delhi which are offering courses in Radiology and are providing great Radiologists to our country.

A radiographer is one who furnishes the accurate medical condition of the patients with the help of x-ray machines. He also furnishes reports CT Scans, ultrasounds and MRI for producing the radiography. While teaching students all Paramedical Colleges in Delhi focuses on every aspect of Radiology in order to provide them with best Knowledge.

In fact Delhi being metro city has coming up with lots of Pathology Labs and has increased the employment opportunities for the aspiring Radiologists. To curtail the demand of the Industry various Paramedical Colleges in Delhi are coming up in Delhi

And Cradle of Management Institute is one of the institutes which provides quality education and is engraving his name among those colleges which are Providing Great Radiologists. Adding more to it there are various opportunities in in gulf countries and Middle East countries. And radiographers are getting salaries between Rs.30, 000 – Rs.50, 000 per month. In fact Paramedical Colleges in Delhi are placing students in these countries at a big ratio these days.