Diploma in Cooking in Delhi

Diploma in Cooking in Delhi

Cooking Course in Delhi from Cradle of Management Institute: An expedition to accomplish your ambition

Why choose Cooking Course?

As it is being said “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”. When it comes to India, food is not only a basic necessity but is also an irresistible yearning. India has always been rich in cuisines with a range of mouth watering dishes and yet exploring a lot more with each passing day. Today, cooking is more than an activity solely confined to conventional kitchen – it is a high flying career option!

It is obvious that people are willing to spend a huge amount of money to have quality food being garnished properly and served to them on a platter. India provides a strong potential for the growth of this Industry as food is not just a desire here rather it is an obsession.

Everything one must know about Cradle of Management Institute - CMI

CMI is a paramount institution for the students who are interested in a culinary course. CMI nourishes those skills in the students that encourage them to strive hard for greatness. As it is being said “Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last’’ Here at CMI the student will not only understand the basics of cooking but all other supplementary skills are also being taught like the art of presentation, creating innovations that are absolute bliss as a meal and comprehension of international taste.CMI is a leading Hotel Management institute in Delhi.CMI is very good in terms of infrastructure and well equipped with separate kitchens for diverse cuisines.

Who can apply?

A student may apply for the Diploma in Cooking after 10th and 12th. These diploma courses can make the student job ready in 1 year along with practical experience in this tenure.

How this diploma can build up the career

The aim is to teach the students by getting them involved in cooking. The focus is on providing them firsthand experience and letting them observe this art of cooking to create the best version of a dish by their own hands. As they say “no one is born as great cook, one learns by doing it ’’. We strongly believe that this art requires hard work. We follow this notion in the institute and we strive hard that our students inculcate the requisite skills in order to be great chefs, food managers and food service providers in the coming future.

Our Pedagogy

The prominence is on developing the ingenious skill in the students as cooking is an art. CMI provide a strong platform to the students to learn and explore in various kitchens in the institute. We at CMI systematically transform the students to be professional chefs in the future.


CMI has a dedicated placement cell which assure 100 % placement for the students. This placement cell establishes liaisons with the hotel groups that are well known as leaders of the food industry. Abundance of opportunities is there for the students of CMI as we are at the zenith for placements.