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Hotel Management College in Delhi - Importance of Training & Development in Hospitality Industry

Today the highly competitive market requires a skillful workforce in order to remain a successful player in the competitive game of the industry. One of the main obstacles which occur in the workplace is the lack of training and development.

Training is an essential process which should be cautiously designed and implemented within all firms. The overall aim of this is to examine the importance of training in the hospitality industry. Training is a part of the human resource development, along with the other human resource activities such as recruitment, selection and compensation. The role of Training department is to improve the organization’s effectiveness by providing employees with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will improve their current or future job performance. In order to implement the right training methods, the training specialist should be aware of the pros and cons and effectiveness of each training method. Besides, for evaluating training effectiveness, measurement should be done according to the models. “Training” refers to a systematic approach to learning and development to improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

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Now days in every hospitality business, it is all about competence in employee, and especially the employee’s qualities. Quality of service depends on the qualities of employees. The qualities are about knowledge, skills and thoughts which lead to a hotel’s survival and development. staff training also motivates and inspires workers by providing employees all needed information in work as well as help them to recognize how important their jobs are. Training and development can be seen as a key instrument in the implementation of practices and policies. “Successful hotels always include staff training as their important development strategy “.

The major benefits of training for individual and team are as follows:

Training helps to increase the knowledge and skills of an employee & in the performance of a particular job which helps to increase the productivity. It improves both quality and quantity of output. A well trained employee is self - confident in his work as he knows what to do & how to do the work. Under such situation there is less need of supervision. Trained employees will be able to make better and economic use of materials & equipment which avoid wastage. In addition, the rate of accidents and damages to the machines and equipment will be minimum as they know how to use them. Thus it helps in economic operation.

Cradle of Management Institute is among the Best Hotel Management College in Delhi who understands the importance of training required for students when they join the industry. The students are groomed as per the industry standards.

Training increases the skill, knowledge and talent in the employees. They can make themselves capable of occupying vacancies at the higher level. Training is a situational process that is why no single method is right for every situation. Training is an ongoing process which enhances with time & dedication.

Cradle of Management Institute has the only motive of giving the students quality knowledge, grooming them for future and enhancing the techniques and skills required to become best hospitality professionals.