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housekeeping courses in india

Housekeeping Courses in Delhi, India

The housekeeping department in a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. It is an extension of basic home keeping multiplied into commercial proportions therefore just as we enjoy keeping a sparkling home for ourselves and guests who visit us at home. Similarly, the housekeeping department takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable, so as to 'create a home away from home'. A hotel's longest margin of profit comes from room sales. The room sale is dependent on the quality of room decor, room facilities, and cleanliness and safety measures adopted in a room, apart from several other things. However the criteria by which each guest decides whether a room is good or bad is strictly personal. Since their choice is varied, the task of appealing to all kind of guests becomes overwhelming. To make a room appealing to a guest is the task of housekeeping department, which has to ensure the basic human needs of comfort and safety.

Housekeeping Course in Delhi

The program equips students with knowledge required for proper upkeep of a hotel or a corporate office as well as public areas. The study includes overview of hotels, organisation of Housekeeping Department, Housekeeping administrative duties, Housekeeping floor procedures, Guest room cleaning procedures, Housekeeping control desk, the Linen and the Uniform Rooms, Public area cleaning, Cleaning knowledge and practice, Laundry services, knowledge of textiles, horticulture, safety and security in housekeeping.

Career Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for the Housekeeping professionals in Airlines, Airports, Cruise liners, Hotels, Hospitals, Independent Restaurants, Railways, Resorts, food courts, entertainment centres, commercial offices, sports arenas, shopping malls, museums, cine-complexes, faculty in renowned institutions, etc.