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paramedical college in delhi

Paramedical College in Delhi

Paramedics are responsible for emergency medical care of persons involved in a number of incidents, including violent assaults, strokes, boating and car accidents, and serious injuries. They are the actually the Biggest level of emergency medical personnel. Their responsibility is to provide advanced emergency care to patients who are being transported to hospitals. The Indian Paramedical and Healthcare systems include public and private hospitals as well as specialized other hospitals like ayurveda offering this traditional Indian system of alternative medicine. Almost all locals and experts prefer using services of private hospitals and clinics. All these private hospitals and clinics are providing high standard of care that is at the same level as North American and European countries. Private hospitals are modern and well equipped, and the doctors are highly qualified and often trained abroad.

Indian Healthcare industry provides employment opportunities to as many as 4 million people in the health care segment or other related sectors catering to the needs of the medication. Indian has become one of the favourite for healthcare treatments which is owing to the vast differences in medical expenses in western countries. Due to the India's progressive nature of the healthcare sector several foreign companies are intending to even invest in the country. Health care jobs are considered to be one among of the most noble career options which is known to be the single largest profession all around the world. There are numerous medical complexities & the need for advanced medical care have necessitated the recruitment of qualified & experienced medical professionals in this field such as medical laboratory technicians ,radiologists, medical assistants, doctors & physicians. Vital information on Hospitals are provided by employment agencies who help people register as healthcare workers, Medical recruiting agencies, travel & resettlement agencies & local recruiting.

Challenges facing Indian healthcare:

Challenges for Indian Healthcare remained same even after lots of years have passed. While we have seen $100 billion growth by 2015, the perennial problems facing India are still those arising from malnutrition (infant mortality, lacking overall development), sanitation and access to affordable hospitalization and clinical care. On the other end of the spectrum, availability of a skilled workforce – both doctors and nursing and support staff – is cringing. Doctor-nurse density per 10,000 persons of the Indian population is an abysmal 19 (6.5 doctors + 13 nurses). (WHO report2012).