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Importance of Hospitality in Health Care

Traditionally, hospitals were built for function and not for comfort. In recent times, a little thought was put in to change the hospital environment more pleasing and comfortable. Main important aspect is the staff approach towards a patient. Students pursuing “Paramedical Courses in Delhi” are trained well to give importance to patient’s comfort along with the safety as well to make his/her hospital visit enjoyable.

The co-relation between Health care and Hospitality is happening through procedures which create a healing environment and patient focused care. Just like in hotels, hospitals greet patients; they provide hygienic food with quality and also striving to reduce the wait time of the patient.

The integration between health care and hospitality sectors is more than a feel good thing to do. Client satisfaction is the main criteria for both the industries. Satisfied clients lead to improved market share, since such customers recommend these facilities to friends or family. Surveys conducted have shown that hospitals incorporating extra features and amenities score higher on satisfaction. Certain amenities include designed pedestrian paths, meditation space, fitness rooms, signature dining area etc.

At Cradle of Management Institute (CMI), New Delhi, one of the fastest growing institute providing “Paramedical Courses in Delhi” train students in advanced learning methods, grooming, discipline and communication with patients.