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Paramedics- Qualified Human Resource

Paramedics are an important human health resource. A paramedic is a professional who help Doctors in diagnosis and treatment of disease. Challenges in the delivery of health care have prompted Governments across the globe to consider the role paramedics play in health care system. In the past few years, a fundamental shift has occurred in the health care delivery due to advances in Science and Technology. It is no longer a 'Doctor-Nurse' cantered health care delivery which India has traditionally leaned on. It is now a team effort of clinicians and non-clinicians like paramedical people.

The availability of qualified human resources for health has become a significant challenge for the Government to provide quality health care at primary, secondary and tertiary health care delivery systems. 'Paramedical Institute in Delhi' help in filling up these requirements to some extent.

To be a part of paramedical profession, all you need is to have a strong science background. Medical community will need you, if you are someone who loves accuracy and thoroughness in work, as missing smallest details will cause complications to a patient’s life. Cradle of Management Institute (CMI) a 'Paramedical Institute in Delhi', provides qualitative education to student and makes the students understand that ‘there is life behind every test sample’.