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Paramedical Institute In Delhi

Paramedical courses are usually related to the allied healthcare sector. These courses are job oriented courses directly related to the field of healthcare (nursing, medicine and pharmacy). Paramedical Institutes in Delhi are offering these courses to the relative students who had passed HIGH SCHOOL or pursuing/passed INTERMEDIATE.

Now a day’s health care related education is gradually developing in our country.

Paramedical Institutes in Delhi is providing different health care courses which are very relevant to medical science. Cradle Institute of Paramedical Science is one of the best Paramedical Institute in Delhi.


A person trained to manage the emergency care of sick or injured persons during transport to a hospital, including administration of injections and intravenous fluids, reading of electrocardiograms, and performance of defibrillation another advanced life-support measures if ordered by a physician.

Skills of a Paramedic

A caring attitude and outgoing, helpful personality;
A responsible and highly motivated approach to the work;
Good interpersonal skills for dealing with patients, their friends and family, and members of the public;
Strong teamwork skills to work alongside other crew and hospital staff;
Oral and written communication skills for reporting conditions;
Excellent driving skills;
Initiative and decision making capability in pressured situations;
A calm and reassuring approach;
Good general fitness to cope with lifting patients and equipment;
The ability to relate to people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, races, religions and cultures.

Job Aspects

You may work as an Emergency Medical Technician in Ambulance.
You may work for Hospitals such as Emergency wards.
You may work as a Medical Lab Technician.
When you’ve gain experience you might work as a senior paramedic.