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“The future of the world is in my classroom today”.

The medical profession is not just limited to doctors and nurses. There are numerous other helping hands that tirelessly work towards making healthcare more accessible and available. One of the integral elements of the medical circuit is paramedic also called as Emergency medical technicians.

Paramedics are health professionals who are present to assist the doctors in overall diagnosis and care of the patients and management of health facilities. Their primary role is to provide pre hospital medical care to the patients. So, in simple words paramedics provide care, which is timely, and high quality medical care.

The power of saving lives

Bringing about a change in the quality of life and helping others is what most of us dream off. It is a complete win-win if this spirit of serving humanity integrates with your profession. The fine line between life and death depends just on quick and timely assistance. Paramedics are the ones that respond to emergencies, assess the condition and offer appropriate care. This ability to save lives by acting in a timely manner is quite a satisfactory experience for those who are exhilarated by working for the welfare of society. In the true sense, the role is as crucial as that of doctors.

In a developing country like India there is acute shortage of skilled and trained health-care professionals. At present, India requires 64 lakh paramedics to cater to the increasing need in the health sector. Currently, there is a dearth of such trained professionals, which can only be compensated with increased world class training and education in paramedical sciences. It is a highly rewarding career option with numerous benefits. If you are looking for a career in the healthcare space, being a paramedic may just be the right choice for you.

Paramedical courses in Delhi is one of the largest and most important professions that provides healthcare and one of the most well structured courses is taught at The Cradle Institute Paramedical Sciences.

Exposure to medical procedures

As a paramedic, one is exposed to the below medical functions.

  • ● Analyze the extent of illness or injury, offer first aid and determine the further course of action.
  • ● Operate medical equipment and read instant reports such as ECG etc.
  • ● Prescribe and administer emergency oral drugs.
  • ● Manage and maintain inventory, equipment and modes of transport etc

All the above such functions are taught well at the Cradle Institute of Paramedical sciences.

Immense Potential for growth

Over the coming years the number of jobs in the paramedic field are expected to rise phenomenally. This can be attributed to the fast growth of medical sector and advancement in medical science. As more and more healthcare establishments come into existence, the requirement of support staff on the go is going to go up. As facilities get more sophisticated, the need of paramedics also rises. For instance, paramedics are now required in helicopters and aircraft’s transporting patients. This wasn’t the case some years ago when the scope of healthcare wasn’t this advanced. Paramedical courses in Delhi are a great bet to get an entry into the medical sphere and move onto better satisfying careers and for such advancement Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences is among the top institutions.